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Tarot Readings & Spiritual Coaching

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery with Carolina, your experienced Spiritual Advisor, who seamlessly integrates the ancient wisdom of Tarot Readings with the personalized guidance of spiritual coaching. With over 30 years of expertise, Carolina brings a unique blend of intuitive insights, divine connection with the Angels, and the transformative power of spiritual coaching to illuminate your path.

In the realm of Tarot Readings, Carolina utilizes the symbolic language of the cards to uncover layers of meaning in various aspects of your life—health, career, finances, family dynamics, personal development, spiritual enrichment, and social relationships. This ancient divination tool serves as a gateway to understanding past events that may influence your present circumstances.

Complementing the Tarot Readings, Carolina’s spiritual coaching expertise empowers you to navigate the complexities of your existence. As both a guide and a coach, she facilitates a holistic exploration, providing practical insights and actionable steps for personal advancement, growth, and evolution. Carolina’s intuitive coaching offers a comprehensive roadmap, whether you’re seeking clarity on past challenges or guidance on future endeavors.

Step into a sacred space of self-discovery where Tarot Readings and spiritual coaching converge. Carolina’s connection with the Angels is a powerful spiritual guidance conduit, allowing you to tap into higher wisdom. Through this integrated approach, Carolina helps you set meaningful intentions, develop actionable plans, and cultivate a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.

Experience the harmonious union of Tarot Readings and spiritual coaching with Carolina, where ancient wisdom, divine connection, and practical guidance converge to support you in making conscious choices, embracing personal growth, and creating a life aligned with your true essence.

Option 1

$ 25 10 Minute Reading
  • Quick Advice
  • Get to know Carolina

Option 2

$ 65 30 Minute Reading
  • Ask more questions

Option 3

$ 100 1 Hour Reading
  • Get the full experience
  • Spiritual Coaching

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