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Angel Reiki

Welcome to our Angel Reiki Sessions, where ancient healing meets modern wellness. Reiki is a powerful and non-invasive energy healing technique that promotes holistic well-being, relaxation, and balance.

Angel Reiki Sessions are used to reduce stress and anxiety and promote relaxation. During an Energy Work Session, Carolina, a certified Energy Healer, will scan your energy field to identify and clear away blockages. This technique balances the body’s energy centers, aiding in the Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Reiki, originating from the Japanese words “rei” (universal) and “ki” (life energy), is a natural healing system that taps into the body’s innate energy flow. Through gentle touch or by placing hands slightly above the body, Carolina transfers positive, healing energy to where it’s most needed.

Benefits of Reiki:

Stress reduction and relaxation
Enhanced spiritual and emotional well-being
Pain relief and physical healing support
Improved sleep and increased energy levels
Aid in mental clarity and focus

Our Approach:

Carolina personalizes each session to suit your unique needs and goals. Whether you’re seeking relief from physical discomfort, emotional balance, or simply a sense of inner calm, Carolina will tailor the session to your specific requirements.

Why Choose Us?

– Carolina is a Certified Energy Healer dedicated to your well-being
A serene and welcoming environment for relaxation and healing
Personalized sessions that can be combined with Energy Cleansing to address your individual needs
Commitment to your holistic health journey

Book a Session:
Embark on a transformative journey towards holistic healing and wellness with Angel Reiki. Book a session with us today to experience the profound benefits of this ancient energy therapy.


$ 111 One Hour Session
  • Carolina will harness cosmic energy guided

    by angels to suit your needs during the session
  • Includes a Sleep Eye Mask

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