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Nurturing Souls On The Path To Recovery

Welcome to Guides and Angels, a sanctuary for those on the courageous journey of recovery from substance abuse.

Our mission is to provide compassionate spiritual guidance, helping individuals reclaim their souls from the grip of darkness and navigate the path to lasting recovery.

At Guides and Angels, we believe in the resilience of the human spirit. We see addiction not just as a physical battle but as a spiritual struggle. Our unique approach integrates spiritual healing to empower individuals, offering a transformative experience that goes beyond conventional methods.

Carolina, our experienced spiritual guide, is dedicated to supporting individuals through the intricate journey of recovery. With a deep understanding of the spiritual dimensions of addiction, Carolina offers personalized guidance to strengthen your soul and illuminate the path toward lasting recovery.

Carolina’s Approach: Carolina’s approach is rooted in the belief that each individual is a soul navigating challenges.

By battling the dark forces within, she assists in the process of spiritual awakening, providing tools to fortify your spirit against the shadows that may lead to relapse.

Reach out to Guides and Angels to embark on a transformative journey towards spiritual recovery. Contact us for a personalized consultation with Carolina and take the first step towards reclaiming your soul from the shadows of addiction.


In our resource center, you’ll find a curated selection of books that inspire and support your spiritual recovery. These insightful reads are handpicked to provide wisdom and encouragement along your path.

Additionally, explore our collection of recovery medallions, each carrying a unique symbol of your strength and commitment. These tangible reminders serve as tokens of progress, resilience, and triumphs on your journey to recovery.

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